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    Test cricket excites me, I prioritise it: James Anderson


    At a time when multiple T20 leagues are cropping up, offering lucrative deals for players, James Anderson, England pacer, has come out in staunch defence of Test cricket.

    Anderson explained, in no uncertain terms, that Test cricket remained his priority and he will concentrate on getting better at it, virtually denying any of the T20 franchises looking to sign him up.

    "It (Test cricket) still excites me. I prioritise it in my head and my heart. It is what I will concentrate on doing for the foreseeable future," Anderson said.

    Anderson conceded that the flourishing T20 leagues poses a threat to Tests but reckons there is still passion among players to represent their country in white flannels. The speedster also hopes for fans to support the longest format of the game.

    "There is a slight worry with the domestic T20 competitions doing so well. But speak to players and there is a still a passion to play Test cricket. It's a real test of someone's character and skill, to perform in this form of the game. Hopefully it's not just players but fans too, because we need people to keep supporting the game so that it does flourish," he said.

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