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    Second IND-SL T20I moved from Delhi to Ranchi


    Jharkhand State Cricket Association International Cricket Stadium in Ranchi will now be the venue for the second game of the three-match bilateral T20I series between India and Sri Lanka, starting on February 9.

    The decision to move the game was made after Delhi and Districts Cricket Association (DDCA) conveyed to BCCI its inability to host the match. DDCA suffered a blow on Friday (January 29) when the Delhi High Court refused to direct the Municipal Corporation of Delhi (MCD) to issue a provisional occupancy certificate that would have allowed DDCA to host the match.

    "We have informed the BCCI today that we will not be able to get the clearance from MCD in time after complying to norms. We told the BCCI officials that we will have all the compliance certificates ready for World T20 but it will not be possible to get clearance before February 12 and then get clearances from state's fire and electrical department," Chetan Chauhan, DDCA President told PTI.

    Asked if the High Court observation turned out to be an embarrassment for the association which is neck-deep in financial scandals, Chauhan said, "We had to take a chance and that is why we moved High Court. Had we not done that, we would have been criticised for letting the match go.

    "At least we tried to organise but in such short time, we would not be able to complete the required 60-point deviations that the MCD has cited. But rest assured we will be ready for the World Cup," he said.

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