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    I acknowledge that I am over the age of 18 as of today and I wish to participate freely in the activities of this website which is intended for sport entertainment only. I also have read the terms and conditions of this website and declare that this website is not responsible for any financial losses that can result from my online activities and such losses are within my monthly disposable income or within my ability to pay and will not compromise my livelihood or my standard of living.

    “Please review the law and regulation of the country you are resident in “ Some country permit sports entertainment, while other may not. If you reside in a country that consider sports betting illegal we ask you to respect the law of your country.We are not responsible for mentoring the activities of individuals on our website .”

    If I do have a problem gambling issue - I will take the right step or advise as prescribed by my doctor or financial consultant and will address this problem by reviewing the terms and condition of this website and also reviewing the problem gambling statement. This website is not responsible for my addiction to gambling nor will it prevent you from participating in the activities of this website unless request by you to be prevented to participate in this website via email or chat. Such records must be acknowledge by this website via email or in writing.

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